Getting dinner to the table is no small task. I get that.

I know tons of people who loath making dinner every night. The mere thought of what they are going to make for dinner and lunch every day is stressful.

When it comes to making your meals at home you save time, money, and have more nutritious meals (take out and packaged foods have higher levels of salt and fat). It is my mission to give people the tools to cook real food at home.

To help you make meals easier here are my top 5 foods that I keep in my freezer.

1.Frozen Fish

You can buy wild fish at Costco, your local supermarket and keep it in your freezer. Here is a great link to explain why you should eat wild fish. Check out the photo on the farmed fish. Gross.

  1. Frozen Soup

Batch cooking is key for easy meal prep. On the weekend, or your day off, once a week, set aside time to  cook big batch of soup. This could be done in the crock pot as well. Just double or triple the recipe you have. Save some in your refrigerator for the upcoming week and freeze the remaining soup in freezer bags. See tips below on how to freeze.

  1. Frozen Fruit

This is easy to do. Simply buy bags of frozen organic fruits in your freezer sections of your local grocery store. When you need to make a quick smoothie, take some fruit out and use. You can also take a portion of the frozen fruit out and use in your oatmeal, yogurt topping, mix into your favorite pancake recipes, or make a fruit topping for your pancakes, waffles, or blend in a high powered blender to make delicious fruit ice cream (really good with bananas).

  1. Frozen Vegetables

When using frozen vegetables you do not have to thaw them first. Simply place the frozen vegetables in boiling water for a few minutes.

  1. Quinoa and brown rice

Yes, you can freeze these nutritional gems. Cook a large batch, allow them to cool, then place in freezer bags, lay flat.

To Thaw

In refrigerator, simply take out the item the day before you want to use it. This takes the longest, however it is the easiest. You just have to plan ahead and take it out of the freezer. If you forget, you could thaw it in cold water. See below.

In Cold water – place the frozen food in a bowl or in your sink cover with cold water. Note keep the food in the plastic bag that you froze it in. Make sure there are no leaks. You will need to change the water whenever it changes to room temperature. The key is cold water.

Tips on Labeling food for the freezer

By proper labeling your food, you will avoid confusion and waste. Grab a sharpie as it works well on all types of packaging.

Label the packaging BEFORE you put the food into it. Put what the food is, serving size, and the date you are freezing it.

Make your freezer your B.F.F. when it comes to creating amazing healthy meals. It is a great way to prepare make-ahead meals or to store leftovers.

Click here to download your free one day meal sample.

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