How it works:

  1.      Join – Choose between my vegan, vegetarian and meat lovers plans and sign up!
  2.     Download – You will receive two weeks of healthy, delicious and easy meal plans
  3.     Review – Look over your plan to see what delicious, healthy meals are on the menu!
  4.     Shop – Print a copy of your customized shopping list to take with you to the store.

5.     Prepare – Prep your fresh food using the easy to follow instructions included with each recipe.


How do I receive my meal plans?

Once you have signed up through Teachable, you will have instant access to your downloadable meal plans.

How do I get my kids to try the new foods on the meal plans?

First and foremost, be calm and patient. Some kids enjoy trying new foods, while others won’t even open their mouths! I’ve been there, and done that with my own two kids. I have one child that is eager to try new foods, while the other is very reluctant.

Kids learn by example, so if they see you thoroughly enjoying the food they may be more inclined to hop on board and give it a try too.  Another helpful tip is to enlist your child’s help in preparing the food. Allowing your child to clean the vegetables in the sink (or make an attempt), or help you select the food in the grocery store may engage them, and encourage them to give new foods a try.

I don’t know how to cook, can I make the meals on the meal plan or will they be too complicated?

Fear not! The recipes are designed to be easy to follow, and do not require fancy gadgets or ingredients. Once you have tried our plans, hopefully you will start to love the kitchen!

How long does each meal take to prepare and cook?

On average, the recipes take 30 minutes. Some take a little less, some take a little more.

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