I love to talk about lentils and to eat them!! Lentils are nutritional ROCK STARS! They are part of the legume family and they come in a variety of colours. There are brown, green, red, orange, yellow lentils, and sprouted lentils (my personal favorite as I, and my family find the sprouted lentils very easy to digest). Lentils are high in fiber, folate (B vitamin), iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin E, protein and other vitamins and minerals essential for optimal health.

Nutritional Content in 1 cup of cook lentils.

18 grams of protein
16 grams of dietary fiber (which will help to stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day)
Approximately 230 calories (will vary depending on how they are prepared)
40 grams of carbohydrate
1 gram of fat

Lovely Lentils

2 cups of lentils (I prefer sprouted lentils)
1 cup of vegetable broth
1 cup of marinara sauce
1 tbsp. oregano
2 cloves of garlic
1 bay leaf
1 stalk of celery – finely chopped
1 carrot – finely chopped
2 fresh basil leaves (or dried basil 1 tsp)
½ of onion finely chopped (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

Lentils1.) If using sprout lentils, place the 2 cups of sprouted lentils in a colander to rinse and sift through to remove any hard lentils. After rinsing, place sprouted lentils in a pot on the stove top.
If using non-sprouted lentils, rinse and sift through for any hard lentils. Place lentils in a pot on the stove and fill up with water (enough water to cover the lentils) and boil for ½ hour. Once the lentils have boiled, drain and place in pot.
2.) To the pot of lentils add all of the remaining ingredients and stir until mixed.
3.) Bring the pot of the lentils to a boil, reduce heat to simmer for ½ hour – 40 minutes (check a lentil to determine if it is soft – but not mushy).
4.) Place in bowl and enjoy!!!!

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