I know you hear it all the time, plan your meals, organize each week. I  have to tell you it really does save you time and money. If you are like me, when you are hungry you get hangry! If I don’t have healthy options ready to go, I will grab that bag of chips, cookie or cracker.

Each week after I grocery shop, I cut up vegetables, for example celery, peppers, chop mushrooms (ready to be added to any dish or scrambled eggs). I also clean the fruit and set it on the counter, in a pretty bowl, hoping to entice my offspring to eat it.. goes with a lot of reminding also haha. If you are really excited about meal prep you can even go a step further and portion out the veggies into individual packages. This is also very helpful in the early morning rush to pack lunches.

Another prep idea is to hard boil some eggs, which make a very quick and healthy snack, even on the go. I take a sharpie and put an H on each hard boiled egg so my family members know which ones to grab. I have learnt the hard way… don’t assume people know which eggs are hard boiled, could result in a lot of cleaning.

I hope that these meal prep tips help.. just try it one week and see how it would make a difference for  you and your family.

Let me know in the comments below what meal prep you currently do.

Happy prepping friends

meal prep ideas

Meal prep

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